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Pain for Gain

Leslie Brown

Let’s face it, giving blood and taking C.P.R. classes are not exactly what I would call “good times”, but oh the rewards.

Each pint of blood can save three people for a mere hour of your time.  One generally doesn’t get the gratification of seeing their blood actually help the person unless you know a person who requires blood on a regular basis. I have the privilege of being the “blood sister” to one who does, and it feels great!

Taking a C.P.R. class doesn’t ensure that you will ever use your skills to save a life; but it might. That “might” is worth it.

Teen Abby Snodgrass heard the commotion at a local Walmart that arose from a panicked mother trying to seek help for her eleven month old infant who had stopped breathing. The manager of the Walmart had already called “911” but Abby stepped in and began C.P.R. on the infant bridging precious minutes of time without oxygen which would likely cause brain damage in the child.

“We are exceedingly grateful to the young woman who helped our daughter. Our daughter is home and healthy, and we couldn’t be more thankful.”


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