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Alpha Females & Beta Males

Christopher Harris

One of the greatest afflictions in this country, is the rise of the Alpha Female, and their Beta Male flunkies. There is nothing natural about this. There is no balance and symmetry, nothing complementary about the relationship between Alpha Females & Beta Males. In fact, it’s the most UN-natural, UN-balanced, and chaotic thing that can happen to a society.

The relationship between men and women is supposed to be symbiotic,  not adversarial. Leftist/Regressive/Socialist ideology promotes strife and discord between men and women. All you have to do is look within the Community of Blacks in this country, and you can see the results of nearly 50 years of “social experiments” carried out by Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded Democrats.

The end result of this experimentation, is that a large percentage of Blacks have become Marxist minded “African-Americans”, and the relationship between “African-American Females” and “African-American Males” is tenuous, at best. Ultimately, this means that the Black family unit has all but been destroyed, because, the majority of Black males have now become either:
A) Hyper-Emotional and Effeminate.
B) Hyper-Emotional and Ultra-Aggressive.
C) Straight up Beta Males.

Angry Black Woman

Meanwhile, far too many Black females have simply become Hyper-Emotional and Ultra Aggressive “Alpha Females”. When you see a happy, functional marriage (which means A MAN and A WOMAN), it is all but guaranteed that you are NOT looking at a marriage between an Alpha Female and a Beta Male, because Alpha Females hate themselves…and they really hate males. And Beta Males only think and do what Alpha Females tell them to think and do…which is why Alpha Females hate them.

The shame is, as our friend Bill Whittle lays out in this classic video, “Beta Males” are pretty useless to society as a whole. And ever since the dope-smoking, Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded, Baby Boomer Hippies have been in charge, we have increasingly become a “Beta Nation”. It’s long since past time to say “NO MORE”, and bring good old fashioned masculinity and manliness back into style. Maybe once that happens, American can once again start moving forward, doing big things, and reaching for the stars.

Black Cowboy - On Horse


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