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Gruber the “Goober”

Leslie Brown

Oh yes, I could think of far more “choice” words to call Jonathan Gruber than a “goober”, but 1) my parents visit the site 2) we try to keep it clean 3)”goober” is a Southern girl staple.

We try to focus on positive human interest stories here, but this Jonathan Gruber is such a “text-book” example of an Alinsky acolyte that I must display him in all of his “blazing pants-a-fire” glory.

Liberals know what is best for everyone dontchaknow, and similar to Islam, lying is encouraged if it is a “means to an end”.

Gruber is one of the Obamacare “architects”. Recently he basically “came out” as a colossal liar, which some of us knew, from say, THE GET-GO.

First of all, what “Einstein” thought the government of both the V.A. system and the D.M.V. would be a good choice to run one sixth of our national economy? Were they retarded?

BTW, remember Nancy Pelosi saying, “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”? Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds suspiciously like a stool sample.

Fun Tweets:
“Gruber was hired to pull a fast one…
But he just couldn’t stop talking while he was ahead of the game.”~Andrea Silver

“LIBERAL HYPOCRITES!!!!!!! Even uber-lib Mika says: ‘Media Would Be Exploding’ If Gruber Was A REPUBLICAN” … #tcot~Slone

“‘Oh, you meant *that* Gruber?’ Nancy Pelosi’s day just got a whole lot worse”~Twitchy Team

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