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Remembering the Cost

Leslie Brown

I tease my parents telling them they “ruined” any desire I have to travel by driving me from New Jersey to California, and back when I was two! After that, my mom said, that even for an errand I would say, “Don’t want a car.” Ha Ha!

I will however travel to see my parents. Yesterday, my daddy took me to Point Loma, San Diego where he worked for years with the Navy with Electrospace, later Raytheon.

Point Loma was a coastal “lookout”, defense, and radar site during World War II, and still holds operations for both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard.

I am sorry to say that in my busyness, it didn’t even occur to me where I would be both for the Marine Corps birthday and Veteran’s Day; yesterday, rows and rows of white crosses at a Naval cemetery reminded me.

My “ticket” to freedom was paid for, by both a father and a husband. Neither was called to pay the ultimate price, but it was offered; all they had to give.

I was thinking about what made “The Greatest Generation” the greatest.  I realized that they were the ones who lived through The Great Depression. They knew want, they knew both hunger, and deprivation first-hand.  “Sparing the rod, spoils the child”. This generation was not spared the rod, nor were they spared working to support the family; many as children.

Not only have we “spared” subsequent generations the rod of correction, we have spoiled them by making them the focus of our lives not ourselves and others the focus of theirs.  Children used to eat before the adults, now children are treated to “Kid’s Meals”, and catered to, with every whim fulfilled. How is that working out for us?

Were an event to occur where there was mass drafting, would these soft, undisciplined, and indulged children be up to the task to defend their country, or would they just cower?  Cower over a “gaming station”, holding on to all that is near and dear to them; themselves, and their pleasures?

Thank you men and women of our Armed Services, who put country and others before your selves.



Thanks liberals, for treating these guys better than our veterans. 

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