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“Respect” the “Right” to “Think Differently”

Christopher Harris

Specifically when it comes to Geo-Political, Socio-Economic issues, many people are fond of saying “You should respect people’s right to think differently”.

Well, the best response to that foolishness, is to use the words of Inigo Montoya, who famously said, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Inigo Montoya - Respect - UA edit

You see, unlike virtually all regular Democrat voters (and far too many Republican voters), I actually do fully understand what it means to “respect people’s right to think differently”. I understand it, because I fully understand what Unalienable Rights truly are. And most importantly, I understand WHO GAVE US THOSE UNALIENABLE RIGHTS!! And since I fully understand that those Unalienable Rights were granted by THE HIGHEST POWER at the moment of conception, I fully respect other people’s “right to think differently.”

However, here is where virtually all Democrats (and a large number of Republicans) get it twisted. Because I value you as another sovereign human being and creation of the most high God, I will not attempt to stop you from having, or otherwise infringe upon your right to “think differently”. But there is a massive difference between “thinking differently” and “thinking correctly”.

Anyone who claims to fully believe in, and understand there is in fact, a Creator, must also acknowledge there must also be absolutes. If you believe in the Creator, then you have to believe there is a definite “Right”, and a definite “Wrong”. If you believe in the Creator, then you also have to understand he created the universe with some laws that cannot be violated without consequence.

So when you believe in Unalienable Rights, it’s very important to “respect” AND NOT TRY TO INFRINGE UPON the rights the Creator gave us all. But when you believe in that Creator, you also understand that he gave us FREE WILL. Which means, he gave us the right to choose to do the wrong thing. This doesn’t make you immune to suffering the consequences of violating his absolute laws.

So one has the Unalienable Right…TO THINK DIFFERENTLY…EVEN IF THEY ARE WRONG. But if someone truly understands who the Creator is, then they will place a higher value, and therefor have more “respect” for the Creator’s unwavering laws, than they do for the opinions of other people, who are exercising their RIGHT TO BE WRONG.

So as long as I am not doing anything to infringe upon your Unalienable Right to be wrong…I am in fact, “respecting your right to think differently.” I am therefore also being a true American, and respecting your Unalienable Rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of Happiness. So go ahead and “think differently”…JUST DON’T TREAD ON ME!!

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