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Thieves of Joy

Leslie Brown

It is said that “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I think there is a lot of truth in that. The Obama presidency has pretty much stolen the entire country’s joy.

When we compare ourselves to others, it will be a FAIL-regardless. Even if you have an identical twin, there are going to be differences…just ask their mother!

Here are some common “thieves of joy”, and I can’t but help how many of them I see reflected in the the M.O.’s of both our “Commander in Chief”, the D.N.C., and bitter haters.

1) Comparison…it’s all about the what people LOOK LIKE and HOW MUCH MONEY THEY HAVE! It’s the “be all end all”!

2) Lack of Empathy….hmmm. Israel? Meh. Unborn defenseless infants. Meh. Fining people for NOT being able to afford insurance. (Knock yourself out, cause you ain’t getting any fine outta me!)

3) Negative Outlook: “You didn’t build that, you didn’t get there on your own”, “They’re gonna put you back in chains” or how about Mensa member Bette Midler’s recent “Tweet” upon the midterm “routing” of the libs,

Well, we can look forward to: unregulated banks, no health care, filthy air and oceans, and WAR, WAR AND MORE WAR. Thanks, folks!

Bitter much? I would have to say she even LOOKS like a liberal woman….I’m just sayin’.

4) Drama Starters: See #3 Add “War on Women” and the liberal “fact” that the Republicans are the party of “rich, old, white men” and “Republicans are going to ban birth control”. Trust me, most liberal women have nothing to worry about in that arena.

5) Selfishness:Where, oh where to begin with Narcissistic sociopath “Mr. Stompy Foot”. Greek columns? “Slow the tide of the oceans”? More like slow the tide of the economy and increase the tide of illegal immigrants and communicable diseases.

6) Excuses: I think I’ll just let y’all mull that one over because there is not enough room on this page, but somehow, some way that is “Bush’s fault”.

I guess the silver-lining in having “O-Great-One” in the public eye for possibly the next couple of years, is that he is a living, breathing example of how NOT to act.



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