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Estella’s Brilliant Bus

Leslie Brown

Growing up in a fairly small town, there was no library in our neighborhood. The downtown library would send a “Book Mobile” bus to park at the local elementary school in the summers so we could check out books; Estella Pyfrom has done that one better.

Estella is a former teacher with a Master’s degree who taught school for 50 years, teaching countless underprivileged children. Retirement did not set well for her, or maybe she didn’t sit well for it!

She and her husband, who is also a retired teacher used their entire life savings on Estella’s Brilliant Bus; a mobile classroom with technology. Estella designed the bus herself, and having grown up around busses and trucks, she drives it too.

The Brilliant Bus provides access to computers for children in Palm Beach County Florida, some whose schools may not have enough computers for all of the children. More important than the technology, Estella constantly inspires and motivates the children, with one of her students saying, “She is the best role model I have had in my life.”.

Children that maybe would not have considered college before, now do. Her students also come away with more focus, and better grades. Estella doesn’t just fill minds either; she brings food to those who need it and allows them to use the computers to search for jobs.

I wasn’t read to sit on the back porch and rock.~Estella Pyfrom

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