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The “Southern Strategy” of Elbert Guillory

Leslie Brown

Elbert Guillory and the “Free at Last PAC” are making a difference in the south. I love Elbert Guillory for both his candor, and his speaking style of using no, (what I call) “verbal parsley”.

Elbert Guillory “came out” of the “liberal closet” in 2012 at the Republican National Convention. He said, in essence, “Hey I can drink out of the CONSERVATIVE “fount” if I want to!   After all are whites given the business for being conservative?” The hypocrisy of the liberals is laughable thinking that YOU have to ascribe to the ideology that THEY know is best for you. Umm,NO.

Guillory is a “crazy radical” who believes in wacky notions like: less spending, less government, Second Amendment rights and traditional family values! Get the straight-jacket! Elbert speaks his mind and actually got kicked out of a university for calling a Democrat a “lunatic”…..did I mention I love this guy!

From Senator Guillory’s website:

Elbert Guillory was born in Opelousas, Louisiana and graduated from J.S. Clark High School. He became active in the Civil Rights Movement during the late 1950’s then joined the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. He finished college while in the Navy and was accepted into several of the nations top law schools. He graduated from Rutgers Law School and taught at Rutgers Law.

He worked for the state governments, of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and at age 29, ran his first state agency in Maryland. He was also chosen to run cabinet level agencies for Illinois and Seattle, Washington.

Guillory spent 43 years as a criminal defense lawyer, and served in the Louisiana House of Representatives and the Louisiana Senate. He was Legislator of the Year twice in his first six years and was elected to the Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame for his work in law and government.

guillory on liberalism

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