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Last Call for Mail

Leslie Brown

Sadly, those with Down’s Syndrome also have a constellation of concomitant health issues. 47 year old Scott Widak was dying, but he nephew made sure he got an uplifting “send off”.

Scott Widak lived with his 85 year old mother and is the uncle of Sean O’Connor. Sean knew that one of Scott’s favorite activities was to open mail, so he went to “Reddit” (a social network) to ask readers to send his uncle a card or letter.

The response was amazing. Reddit received 1,300 comments, and then the mail started coming. Scott received cards, letters, trinkets, a music album, artwork and art supplies. One of Scott’s favorite gifts was a “Macho Man” mask, lovingly made by a girl from Michigan.

Scott’s story became an internet sensation and he was blessed with thousands of pieces of mail and gifts from all corners of the world; encouraging him during his most difficult days. Major media outlets such as CBS, Huffington Post, and Time headlined Scott’s story as an affirmation that there is a tremendous amount of good in the world in which we live and that random acts of kindness are plentiful.(1)

Social networking can be used for good or bad, it’s nice to see that so many strangers took some of their time and money to life the spirits of someone they had never met. The collective acts of kindness brought a dying man much joy as he lived out his last days at home.


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