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A Different Beat

Leslie Brown

Some of us get kind of bored, say, watching a movie, (I haven’t seen a movie since Larry Crowne), or flying. These two guys put their talents together to the delight of some Southwest Airlines passengers.

If you are not familiar with Southwest Airlines, it’s probably because you are not from the South! Southwest Airlines is known for the inexpensive fares, peanuts for a snack, and sit-wherever-you-wanna-sit seating.

One of my friends used to be a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines; “back in the day” the stewardesses were known for their “hot pants”!

Well, recently an Ecuadoran virtuoso cellist named Fracisco Vila met a “beat boxer”, named Maximillian the Beatboxer on a Southwest flight. If you don’t know what a “beat boxer” is, you’ll figure it out soon enough. They were bored, or as my mother puts it “had worms” so they decided to have an impromptu jam session, right there on the plane. Maximillian also happens to be a flight attendant, known as “The Beatboxing Attendant”.

No matter who you are, or where you are from, if we can respect each other and not judge, we can all make beautiful music together!

This video was posted and directed by Maximillian, who is in fact, a Southwest Airlines attendant with the not-surprising nickname, “The Beatboxing Attendant.” His Facebook page does include a lot of music events, so it looks like he’s on the make, nevertheless he definitely has a day job (and a good sense of humor about it).(1)


Back in the day….and BEFORE my time thank you very much!


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