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The Sandwich Man

Leslie Brown

There’s a lot of things I would give up for another person, but to give up sleeping in a bed for 13 years? Wow. That’s exactly what Allen Law has done feeding the hungry every night for years.

Allen Law of Minneapolis loads up his mini-van every night, and heads out to help the needy knowing that many of the organizations that help during the day are home in their toasty beds. Allen’s van reads, “Love One Another”, and he does. Someone said of his kindness,

“It just spreads, it’s like a good virus.”

Allen has been called,

“A vessel through which the compassion of the community flows.”

There are now 700 groups from the community that help in his effort of the making and distribution sandwiches, clothing and blankets to the cold and hungry people that are ever-present.

Allan Law’s doctors tell him to stop. He’s putting his health at major risk, getting so little sleep, and exposing himself to the bitter cold every night. However, he won’t listen to them.

Allan Law is fiercely committed to serving Minneapolis’ homeless population, delivering hundreds of sandwiches and basic necessities from the back of his minivan on a nightly basis. What a tremendous example he sets for all of us on the importance of taking care of one another. This man doesn’t just preach; he practices too.(1)


allan law

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