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UA Amazing Artist: Paul Smith; art of a typewriter.

Leslie Brown

When we think of an artist, we are more likely to think, “brush strokes”, than “key strokes”, but we have to use the gifts we are given. Paul Smith’s mobility is greatly limited, so he creates art how he can; with a typewriter.

Paul Smith, born with cerebral palsy, lives in the Rosehaven Nursing Center, in Oregon. He has lived there since 1967. Clattering away on a vintage typewriter, beauty flows out instead of letters, numbers, and symbols. In fact, Paul uses but 10 of the keys.

Paul’s determination is limitless using the keys as a means to express himself. He says, “It’s something to do”. If someone says, “I couldn’t do that!”, he will ask, “What can you do?” Paul would rather talk of his many friends at the nursing home, than himself.

Paul is blessed to be in a loving atmosphere with those who recognize his talent. Being in Oregon, Paul has a beautiful view out his window to the lushness that is the Northwest. We all  possess gifts and have something to offer the world, some just have to dig a little deeper. Paul is grateful to G-d for what he has.

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