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Leslie Brown

Most of us have lived someplace “less than savory”. Maybe it was where you grew up, a first apartment, or maybe where you live now , in this dismal economy. Well then, you know, that if you walk into the kitchen for a midnight nosh and turn on the light, the roaches go scampering.

Roaches, without argument are nasty, and prefer the dark. So do liars. Satan is the “Father of Lies”, so if you are on G-d’s side, your aim, and your lifestyle should promote transparency, openness and the sharing of truth.

It’s a sad state of affairs when one “googles” the consequences of blogging the truth, to make sure that it is still legal to do so.

It’s no secret that academia has been hijacked by indoctrinating liberals with an agenda. It’s no secret that our journalism schools, akin to “evil dog breeders” have “bred out” any journalistic hunger for light or truth. Instead the “new dogs” wait at the fingertips of evil masters, eagerly willing to run with any “bones” or “crumbs” given them, aaaaannnd, happily “hunch” their leg.

So, I’m thinking that next time we might be smart enough to choose a leader, who will share his or her records openly. We will choose someone who doesn’t just talk “transparency”, yet does the total opposite. How about next time, we choose someone who loves the Lord Almighty and His statutes, huh?

10/07/2014 from the News Distribution Network

Twitter sued the U.S. government on Tuesday, seeking the ability to release a full report on government surveillance requests. The company, in a lawsuit filed in federal court in northern California, claimed the government has been violating its free-speech rights by restricting it from releasing the full version of a report prepared earlier this year. Ben Lee, the company’s vice president of legal, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday, “As part of our latest transparency report released in June, we described how we were being prohibited from reporting on the actual scope of surveillance of Twitter users by the U.S. government.”


The House Financial Services Committee said on Friday that it will vote on a bill next week aimed at bringing more transparency to the Federal Reserve, including the controversial requirement of adopting a rules-based approach to its policy. The bill, which Fed Chair Janet Yellen has criticized in public testimony, will come up for a House vote on Tuesday. The bill HR 5018, sponsored by Republicans Bill Huizenga of Michigan and Scott Garrett of New Jersey, would also require the Fed to disclose the salaries of its highest earners, require quarterly testimony from the Chair and cost-based analyses before enacting any regulation.

truth replaced by silence

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