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Swimming against the tide of hate.

Leslie Brown

Between struggling with internet issues this morning, and looking for a story, I just wasn’t “feelin’ it” with any of them. Then I found this one, and had to share.

Recently, in the hot-bed of Ferguson, “Sister Dragonfly” approached a Ferguson police officer. She was carrying a sign that read, “Don’t shoot” on one side, and “You are killing” us on the other. She attempted to make eye contact with the officer.

When their eyes met, she asked, “Why do you all hate us so much?”. He responded with, “I don’t hate you ma’am”. She with, “I don’t want to hate you, I’d rather hug you.” The officer replied, “Then hug me.” The two embraced for nearly a minute; what a moment of beauty and peace.

How much of the hate and discord in Ferguson is NOT in the individuals, but rather the mind-set and tone, of the collective crowd? As it has been said, “One bad apple spoils the barrel.” I believe Sister Dragonfly is a good apple. I believe she, like so many others get swept away in a tide of dissention and hate. “Peer pressure” does not conveniently “drop off”, when you leave high-school; it is with us always, and can have far greater stakes than any adolescent temptations.

Are we going to just “go with the flow” and be tossed about on the angry, frothy waves of discord, or are we going to swim upstream, knowing that division is never God’s plan?

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