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Wendy Davis “Onesies”? ~Political Illusions Exposed

Leslie Brown

The Wendy Davis campaign is selling baby onesies. You read that right. Just in time for Halloween, you can get that special fan of baby murder in your life an empty onesie sporting a Wendy Davis logo.

What We Can Learn From Wendy Davis’ Failure
It’s been an awful ride for the Texas Democrats, to be sure, but you have to wonder whether they’re even trying at this point. Have they been advised that the best way to avoid having satirists mocking you and bringing down your image is to become a caricature of yourself and stay one step ahead of them? It is perhaps the only sane way to explain their actions in the Texas Governor’s race. From cringe-worthy personal attacks on Abbott, to reoccurring problems with getting their story straight, or, as those of us not in the media call it, lying.

So what exactly can we learn from the abysmal failure of a radical left-wing politician?
I’ll start by telling you that what I believe the Davis campaign is revealing is not just incompetence, as her fans in the media might like to suggest, but a stunning lack of self-awareness. It appears that all the fawning in the media over her filibuster has caused them to believe their own press. Combine that with a lack of exposure to anything that doesn’t agree with their viewpoint and you have a politically dangerous combination.

While we may be pleased by the demise of the left’s attempt to turn the great State of Texas blue, we would be wise to recognize that, unfortunately , problems like these are not limited to the left. All too often we find this on both sides. Sometimes we play to the home crowd and forget that we have a message that needs to be heard by others. I cannot tell you how many times I have been confronted with an image or a message on social media or internet comment section that contained a message I knew to be true presented in a way that would obviously be offensive to anyone who didn’t already agree with it.

To be clear, I’m not talking about giving in to political correctness or sugar-coating the truth. I’m talking about doing justice to the truth you’re speaking. Sometimes, as conservatives I think we can let our emotions and passion drive us to say things we don’t mean, and I don’t say any of this as one who hasn’t been guilty. Of course we want to fight against the wrong ideas around us and the people responsible for them, but sometimes we skip right over the ideas and go straight to the person. Or worse, we say things that play right into the stereotypes given to us by the mainstream media, without realizing that the people we should be trying to convince are looking on in disgust.

I think D.L. Moody said it best, “The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick alongside it”. If we are going to bring change, we have an obligation to be the straight stick in the world when we have better ideas, stronger foundations, and history on our side. Many times we chalk up our negative press to the hostility of left-wing media, but I don’t think that’s always the case. It’s not fair for us to place blame on others for things we could, at times, easily prevent. If they are trying to label us as angry, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and whatever else then doesn’t it make sense for us to try and prove them wrong?

In a world full of lies, I think that you’ll find the truth itself is offensive to many without any extra effort on our part. But by all means we should speak the truth, tell it straight, not pull any punches, however you like to phrase it. Let’s just be sure we are aiming for the right targets. Let’s learn the lesson from Wendy Davis, break out of the echo chamber where we all agree, and carry a strong message to those who need to hear it most.


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