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Admiral Patriotism

Leslie Brown

I’m pretty sure someone who is willing to die for our country loves it a LOT, and has its best interests at heart. James A. Lyons is a U.S. Navy Admiral, and patriot who can enlighten us from his perspective on what needs to change, and FAST.

First of all, we need unity, and that is the main purpose of our site. Promoting unity, and celebrating both American Exceptionalism and the exceptional people IN this country, the LEGAL ones of course.

Secondly, for the truly clueless, we need to disseminate information, so people will know what in the h*ll we are fighting for!

The plan to ruin our country was implemented in the 60’s when we decided to “diss” G-d, and take Him out of our schools, bullied by approximately by oh, say THREE PERCENT of our population. Are we a bunch of wooses or what? Speaking of wooses, feminism has effectively created two generations of “metrosexual” and emasculated men. Feminism also exacerbated inflation; it’s just simple economics. More expendable income was injected into the economy with a two-income home. Retailers having two synapses to rub together said, “Hey, let’s raise prices!” Good job ladies! I use the term “ladies” loosely.

We “greased the skids” for the takeover of our country through both, dumbed down, and indoctrinated students with P.C. and multiculturalism cr*p. After all, Obama is what happens when multiculturism, and Affirmative Action wake up tangled in the sheets, the next morning.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

~John Adams

And there you have it, our moral cess-pool of a culture is incompatible with our government. Now, let’s hear from one who knows “first-hand”, the effect this cultural slide into the morass has had, on our military and geo-political status.

With its many scandals, including the Benghazi tragedy, the perverse “progressive” ideology of the Obama administration, combined with its deceitful and manipulative methods, has corrupted normally nonpartisan government agencies. More importantly, it has infected the civilian and military leadership who lead their agencies.

The core of the corruption is an attitude that flaunts the Constitution and takes the position that the president can do anything he wants with a pen and a phone that promotes an agenda, regardless of its impact on the country’s national security.

We used to have giants in Congress such as John Stennis, Richard Russell, Tip O’Neill, et al., who were Americans first and party members second when it came to matters affecting our national security. Regretfully, other than a few in the minority, that doesn’t exist today…

With the United States being challenged throughout the world, our reduced military forces are severely stretched in meeting all their requirements. However, we still retain the capability to mount a massive, around-the-clock air campaign to defeat the Islamic State. The few strikes per day we are conducting in Iraq and Syria, with restricted rules of engagement, do not constitute a serious air campaign….

The real question is, how do you change the disastrous Obama administration policies that affect our national security? Obviously, the ballot box is one way, but the one institution that has the power to send an unmistakable signal that will be heard throughout the country is the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is time for them to live up to their oath of office — “to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.” The Obama administration has clearly violated the Constitution and must be held accountable. Since we no longer can count on Congress, the Joint Chiefs as a corporate body should voice their objections to administration policies that are threatening America’s security and that of our allies. It’s time to take back America.

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