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UA Amazing Young American: Markeece Young

Leslie Brown

I entered the “Twittersphere” in 2012, before the last election, scrambling, and furiously connecting with like-minded individuals who KNEW what the HAIL was coming if we RE-elected Obozo.

Twitter is really cool because you can follow a particular topic and “tweet”, (message) people directly without having to be a “friend” like Facebook. Obviously there is a lot of opportunity for both good and bad. The “good” being meeting an adorable, and polite young man named Markeece Young, who goes by, “Young Black Republican” on Twitter.

You would not believe the hate that conservatives, especially BLACK conservatives get dished out to them by “tolerant” liberals. Markeece keeps his cool. It gets ugly sometimes; sheesh, I’ve been called the ever-so-clever “c” word in the form of “conservative” with an extra “t” thrown in, if you catch my drift. I wear it like a badge of honor. Evil people HATE good people; meet “good people” Markeece:

Why am I a young Black Conservative Republican? All my life I have always been different. I wasn’t easy to persuade and didn’t think the same as others. People say I am an old soul. I grew up in a violent drug ridden neighborhood where it was easy to get caught up in a drug or gang culture. My mom moved us to a better safer community.

I have always been interested in history and political matters, but growing up I idolized Democrats like North Carolina native John Edwards and former President Bill Clinton. I was a strong Democrat supporter as a kid, but as I grew up I started to question the Democrat Party and why Blacks were so loyal to them. I found out that the Democrat Party was pro-slavery, pro-segregation and pro-abortion. That the Democrat Party sterilized Blacks so they wouldn’t have more children. As a child I asked why would anyone support the Democrat Party? I asked my elders they had no answers!

By the 7th grade it all changed and I read every single presidential book in the library, about 65, and I said to myself my morals and beliefs fit more with the Republican Party. During the 2008 presidential election, I knew Barack Obama was a fraud so I supported Senator John McCain (R-AZ). I was called “White” just for questioning Obama’s qualifications. In 2010, I finally became a Republican my freshman year in high school. I wasn’t really involved in any politics but on November 2, 2010 – election day and my 15th birthday – I heard about the Tea Party winners. I had always had an interest in colonial and Constitutional issues so when I saw the Tea Party patriots beating the drums, marching in the streets for liberty and freedom, I knew the Tea Party and the Republican Party was for me!

I did not get involved until 2012 and decided to come out as a black conservative and didn’t care what people said. I was a top volunteer in North Carolina at the age of 16, which was the only swing state Mitt Romney won. Today, I fight so hard to get other blacks to be independent and to think for themselves. I do a lot of youth minority engagement and broke through to lifelong Democrats which is why I believe God gave me a gift to change minds and touch hearts. This is my calling.

Originally posted at with permission to edit/post.(Retrieved from Freedom Works)

Markeece is a college freshmen.

Please follow him on Twitter @YoungBLKRepub

good pic markeece

markeece young

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