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Unhyphenated American: Remy Munasifi

Leslie Brown

Since my parents and brother live in the D.C. area, where Remy lives, I have been “hip” to him for quite a while, and he is hilarious!

All of the Remy videos I have seen thus far, are good clean fun! We have two choices, in this life; we can laugh or we can cry. We try to laugh and have fun on this site, while obviously staying abreast of our rapidly changing world and fighting for our country.

Bio from

Remy grew up on the rough streets of McLean, VA where, at an early age, he instinctively learned to dodge bullets. He attended Churchill Road Elementary school, where he majored in getting beaten up and minored in fingerpaints.

From there, it was off to Cooper Middle School where Remy was often scolded for not practicing his trumpet and made a horrible CO2 car. Remy’s middle school days were much like his elementary school days, but without the fingerpaints.

Remy then attended Langley High School, where he wrote for the Saxon Scope newspaper and played on the tennis team. However, unlike the rest of the country, tennis was super cool at Langley, and Remy was in no way a loser.

After high school, Remy moved to Wheeling, WV and attended Wheeling Jesuit University. During this time, he would perform at comedy clubs around the region where his jokes would be heard by hundreds and laughed at by dozens. While at WJU, Remy was a member of the Stephen J. Laut program. Somehow. Unable to aim ping pong balls, Remy served as [adult beverage] pong referee until friends confiscated his whistle.

Remy bought a camera in the Fall of 2006, and has been making videos ever since. His first video on the Virginia Senate race was discussed in the Washington Times and the National Journal. He has continued creating substantive geopolitical works with videos such as “Two Percent Milk,” “Eggs Over Easy,” “It’s Been Declined,”and “Warcraft: The Rap.”

Remy currently resides in Fairfax County, Virginia and Wheeling, West Virginia.

As Americans who love G-d and country, we have much more in common than what we have that is different. How about we focus on what really matters and have fun together huh?

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