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Empower plant.

Leslie Brown

I really believe people can tackle far more than they think they can.~Veronika Scott

Veronika Scott has been there. She is the child of two addicts, and likened her start in life to “starting out in a hole” that she had to climb out of. Tenacity led to her earning a scholarship for college and a design class there changed her life.

In the design class, she was tasked with creating something that filled a viable need; she conducted her research at a homeless shelter, and soon saw the need of protection from the elements for the homeless. She came upon a design for a coat, that transforms into a sleeping bag.

A sharp rebuke from a homeless women chiding Veronika that “The homeless didn’t need coats. Coats are pointless, they needed jobs”. This led to her inspiration of only hiring employees from the homeless shelters and providing them the training they needed to become a part of something greater.

From an employee of Veronika: “I’m happy to be working for a cause. It’s no greater joy coming to work and knowing I can make this coat and help someone who was in my position.”

(photo courtesy New York Times)


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