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Pigeon holes are just for pigeons.

Leslie Brown

The quote above is by one of my favorite singers, Jessye Norman. She doesn’t like to be “pigeon holed”; I don’t think any of us do. Check out this guy Malcolm Mitchell who easily steps out of his comfort zone.

University of Georgia wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell was at a Barnes and Nobles book store where he met Kathy Rackley. Kathy told Malcolm about the book club that she is a part of.

What Kathy didn’t know was that Malcolm had a junior high reading level when he began college, but he wanted to continue to work on that, and her not “pigeon holing” him, lead the way.

Kathy also had no clue that Malcolm was once the highest ranked wide receiver in college football; practically Georgia “royalty”. Malcolm began to join the club on a regular basis, discussing and exploring the books they have read, and conversing with a bunch of middle-aged ladies!

One of Malcolm’s proudest moments is not a football feat, because he said that comes to him so easily. Finishing the “Hunger Games” series in two days, he said, is one of his greatest accomplishments.

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