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More important things than winning.

Leslie Brown

Devil’s Lake runner Melanie Bailey didn’t end up as the winner of the Eastern Dakota Conference’s Cross Country Championship, but she won a lot of hearts and gained a new friend.

South Fargo runner Danielle LeNoue was nearing the finish line of the race when she heard a pop in her knee, and she crumpled in pain. Pulling herself to her feet she started walking until she could go no further.

That’s when Melanie came along and did what she had to do, she knew she had to do the right thing and get Danielle to help.

Somehow Melanie managed to wrangle Danielle up on her back and the two crossed the finish line together some ten minutes after the other girls.

Melanie and Danielle are now Facebook friends, and Melanie’s coach, who happens to also be her mother could not be prouder.

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