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Thanks a LOT!

Leslie Brown

We spend a lot of time these days trying to see what’s “coming down the pike” what with all of the unrest in the world. It seems every day brings a new viral outbreak, or a stock market drop. Maybe we need to look back some too, just to say thanks for how we got where we are.

In an urban setting, random people were approached as they passed by on busy sidewalk. A life coach then asked them about their success in life, and who they had to thank for it. She then gave them a notebook and asked them to write a thank you to that person at a charming little desk.

Then, to their surprise, a red, British-style phone booth was revealed to them, and they were asked to call that instrumental person right then.

The snippets of conversation you hear are both touching, and moving, and will likely prompt you to think about who you need to thank in your life. Don’t wait; we’re never promised tomorrow.

Piece originally posted on Huffington Post


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