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“86” the word CAN’T!

Leslie Brown

Any of you who have waited tables, or worked in a restaurant have probably heard the term “86”; it means you are “out” of one of your food items. You also probably know that the restaurant business is one of the toughest; I wouldn’t tackle it.

“Tim’s Place” is the only restaurant in the United States owned by someone with Down’s Syndrome. It is also the only restaurant that serves up hugs.

Tim’s parents helped him achieve his dream of owning a restaurant which he opened in 2010. Tim attended the Eastern New Mexico University’s program for food service certification.

Not content to just have his own business, Tim actively tries to help others with disabilities to start their own business as well through “Tim’s Big Heart Foundation”.

Since Tim Harris, 28, opened his Albuquerque eatery four years ago, he’s happily hugged many a customer — including famous folks such as iconic singer Stevie Wonder, “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks…and even President Obama.

“About 15 years I dreamed of owning my own business,” Harris told advocates for those with developmental disabilities this week. “Well I am here to tell you that dreams come true.(1)”

So now, reader, what is that you want to do that you lack the courage to do? Perhaps you need a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico to get some inspiration and a hug from Tim at “Tim’s Place”.


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