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Humbled by “white trash”.

Leslie Brown

The dirty little country town I live in is humbling, but we’re right on the edge of the country, “catty-corner” to a ranch. I’ve learned a lot about not judging by living here, a younger person learned it in the parking lot of a convenience store.

To this day, because of a stranger, I have learned to never judge people by their appearance. Rewind to 2008…I am driving from home to college. I am about 50 miles from the town my college is in, and I pull off to get gas.

As I am filling up my tank, there is a car next to me that has what you would call people who look “white trash”, and are in a car that looks like a hybrid of fast and furious/low rider. I am sitting there pumping my gas and just unnecessarily judging the cr*p out of the people in the car. It was a couple with a young baby.

As I am pumping my gas, the husband goes into the gas station to pay, and as he is passing my car on the way out tells me I have a flat tire on the passenger side (I would have never seen this because my gas tank is on the driver side).

Now here I am, a snooty college kid, and I have no flipping idea how to change a flat. I grab the spare and the guy just says “do you need help”- I said no, I can figure it out, and he walks away.

So I am sitting there like an idiot trying to change a tire completely wrong, and the guy comes back- with a hydraulic jack, a nice tire iron, and some other tools. He says “let me help you man, you don’t have this stuff”- and changes my flipping tire. Literally got all dirty, his wife said they were happy to do, and didn’t accept the $20 I had on me. Kindest people I ever met. Made me feel like such a fool for the unnecessary judging I did but taught me a valuable lesson.

Enemies would like nothing better than to divide an opponent; don’t let it happen. It’s all about God, country and others, no matter the color.

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