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Giving of yourself

Leslie Brown

I am blessed with the most amazing parents; my daddy is a big blood donor. He has passed that part on to me. One person’s blood donation can save three people’s lives; here is a life-saving example.

You see, when you have recovered from a virus, your body then has antibodies that will “recognize” and then attack the foreign invader if you were to be exposed to it again. This is how the blood of one Ebola survivor may be able to help others.

The Texan nurse diagnosed with Ebola has received a blood transfusion from survivor Dr Kent Brantly.
It is the third time Dr Brantly has donated blood to an Ebola victim after medics discovered he had the same blood type as previous patient Dr Nick Sacra and NBC cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, who is still being treated.
Incredibly, nurse Nina Pham, 26, has also matched with Brantly and on Monday received a transfusion of his blood in a move that doctors believe could save her life.

A friend of Miss Pham said of her,

‘When she got accepted into nursing school she was really excited. Her mom would tell how it’s really hard and a bunch of her friends quit doing it because it was so stressful. But she was like, “This is what I want to do”.’
A devout Christian she regularly attends mass at the Lady of Fatima Church.
Tom Ha, who taught her bible class, told the paper: ‘The family is very dedicated and go out of their way to help people. I expect, with the big heart she has, she went beyond what she was supposed to do to help anyone in need.’

Let’s keep Miss Pham in our prayers. Give one hour of your time, three times a year; you could save nine people’s lives. We should also remember that this Dallas episode that has put so many people at risk, all began with a lie.

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