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Does G-d hyphenate US?

Leslie Brown

I don’t how THAT random thought popped into my head, but it did, and it got me to thinking that maybe how G-d looks at us, might be a good way to look at each other.

(Side note: If you ever see, the word “G-d” written this way and have wondered about it, some of our Jewish brothers and sisters write the name of the Lord that way out of reverence. I share my pieces with the Jewish Tea Party.)

Hmm, let’s look up “racism” and see what the Bible has to say about it and some others terms in a similar vein.

Racism: Rejected since all are from one man. Gn 9:18-19; Ac 17:26

Equality: Among believers: Gn 13:8; Mt.23:8 Under God: Pr.22:2; In Justice:Pr.24:23

Mankind: Made in G-d’s image; Gn 1:26-27 Jms 3:9

Unity: Ac 4:32 Rm 12:16; 14:19; 15:5; Php 2:2; 3:16-17

I’m thinking that G-d does NOT hyphenate, and I think He’s pretty clear about it; as to how weshould be “being hAve”? (As my little brother used to say.)

Holiness: G-d’s as standard. Lv 19:2 Eph5:1 Believers called to. Lv 11:45; 20:7; Lk 1:74-75; Rm 6:13-19; 8:29; 12:1; Eph 1:4; 5:8; 1Th 4:7; Heb 12:14; 1 Pt 1:14-16

Morality: Exalts a nation. Pr 14:34 Ex 20: 1-17

Truth: Leaders should be men of. (Ooops! BIG PROBLEM here folks!) Ex 18:21; Pr 20:28 The Word of G-d is. Dn 10:21; Jn 17:17

Lying: A characteristic of unbelief. 1 Th 2:9; 1 Tm 4:2; 1 Jn 2:4 The Devil is the father of. (OUCH!) Jn 8:44 Forbidden. Lv 19:11; Pr 12:22; Zch 1:16; Col 3:9 Punished. Ps 5:6; 120:3-4 Pr 19:5; Rv 21:8

Stealing: Prohibited Ex 20:15; Pr 22:22 Eph 4:28

Unity: Ac 4:32 Rm 12:16; 14:19; 15:5; Php 2:2; 3:16-17

Worship: With fear and reverence. Ps 5:7; 96:9, Is 6:1-7 Bowing down. 1 Ch 29:20; Ps 95:6 Mt. 2:11
Authentic. Jn 4:19-26 (I personally believe we should worship in reverence and maybe dress nicer, (if you are able, of course) for the worship of the Living G-d than one would for the funeral of say, a dead person.)

So, brothers and sisters, we need to stand together, or we will fall apart. Let’s go be salt and light and also “kryptonite” to the “Jesse Jacksons”, “Al Sharptons” and slobbering, pandering “Chris Matthews” of the world!

(Holman Christian Standard Bible reference used)


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