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Meh. Not the gender I wanted…..

Leslie Brown

Call me crazy, but the party who whines about the “War on Women” sounds a wee bit hypocritical when they ENDORSE child sacrifice.

I ain’t gonna sugar-coat it. We were horrified in school to learn of some of the ancient cultures who sacrificed children. Now in a show of multicultural solidarity, we’re right with ’em! Except instead of some “gods” whose names likely start with the letter “X”,  leading to a  vexing pronunciation conundrum, we sacrifice to the “god of convenience”.

Libs are always bleating for choice, but does the BABY ever get a choice, to say, take a first breath? How about see the sunshine,ever, or be held and cared for? Nope, nope, nope! It’s a biohazard bag for you!

Re: Colorado Democrat Mike Udall

….(They don’t call him “Mark Uterus” for nothing.) The interviewer could have asked him how he’d feel about “abortion” via live birth followed by dropping the baby off a skyscraper and he’d mumble something about “choice” and move on to the next question.

According to one poll, 77 percent of Americans support bans on sex-selective abortions. Another poll shows 56 percent support for bans on abortion generally after 20 weeks, i.e. late-term abortion. Udall is, as a matter of simple math, far out of the mainstream in his opinions. But you’ll rarely see him called what he is — an extremist — in the media because abortion fanaticism is within most reporters’ personal Overton windows of acceptable positions for “mainstream” politicians to take. (Which is also why the media didn’t pick up the Kermit Gosnell horror show until pro-life writers like Mollie Hemingway and Kirsten Powers embarrassed them over it in op-eds.)

baby crib

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