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Savage TRUTH

Leslie Brown

I’m no genius; I just love my country, am well-read, and try to avoid brain-rotting television. Dinesh D’Souza knew it, Michael Savage knew it, I knew it, and countless others. We knew that Obama purposely seeks to destroy the United States.

I’m not embarrassed to tell y’all I had to call my parents and bawl like a baby when Obama won again in 2012. I just love my country that much…or what itused to be.

Michael Savage is the author of 29 books. He is “set” for money, he wrote his most recent book from his breaking heart, and to hopefully save our country.

When Barack Obama introduced himself at the 2004 Democratic National Convention declaring there was only one America – “not a liberal America and a conservative America” and “not a black America and white America” – many instantly envisioned him as a future presidential candidate with a unique heritage and extraordinary rhetorical skills that would enable him to unite a nation divided over political ideology and race.

Not long into his presidency, however, it became apparent to many, including some liberals, that Obama’s leadership and policies had only exacerbated the divisions….

But recent events, including the flood of Central American illegal aliens and the entry of the Ebola virus to the U.S., have made “Stop the Coming Civil War,” Savage’s 30th book, seem prophetic.

Savage asked a Jewish audience,

“When America was ruled by practicing Christian presidents, wasn’t the world a safer place?”

He said silence came over the audience.

“They heard me,” he said. “I didn’t have to say that we have an atheist, communist, socialist, anarchist in the White House. All I said is that when we had a practicing Christian in the White House, the world was a safer place.

“I said there’s a spiritual disease that we’re suffering from, and America put this man in there, and the world is falling apart as a result.”

~Michael Savage

You see, when there is moral relativism and no moral absolutes, the underpinning of our government is doomed to fail because it is based on Judeo-Christian values. How long would a police department last if all of the laws were to be loosely interpreted, with “not hurting anybody’s feelings” paramount to justice? I’m thinking anarchy would soon follow; there is no difference.

(video from 2013 re: daytime beheading of British soldier in London)

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