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Rendezvous With Destiny

Leslie Brown

Chris Harris and I are a team; a couple of military kids grown up. Chris and I live hundreds of miles apart; he is black, I am white. We are ONE in our love of God, His statutes, and our country.

I’m usually in bed by 10:00, while Chris is a “night-owl”; probably out of necessity since he works another full time job.

So in the mornings, I look at our site’s Facebook to see what he has posted the night before. When I watched the video he posted last night called “We Must Fight,” ending up with tears running down my face, I knew I had to share it.

The enemy would like nothing more than to divide us, hence the “Jesse Jacksons”, “Sharptons”, and the slobbering, tingling, “Chris Matthews” of society. Remember, as Lincoln paraphrased the Bible, “A house divided cannot stand”.

We must stand together, or we will fall apart, we must stand for something or we will fall for anything. In math terms: God multiplies, Satan divides, God “adds to His people”, Satan subtracts, God’s reign is infinite, Satan’s finite, and lastly, division by zero is “undefined”.

We, as Americans will choose our destiny. What will it be?

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