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GMO Ebola?

Leslie Brown

Most have heard of genetically modified organisms or G.M.O.’s. Could it be that the Ebola virus has been genetically altered to increase its contagion factor as a weapon of terrorism?

Ebola was transmissible through contact with bodily fluids. Now I see that HazMat teams are wearing “positive pressure suits” which are obviously for airborne viruses.

When I worked in the field of research, ironically at the very hospital in Dallas where the Ebola patient currently is, rhinovirus or the “common cold” virus was used as a vector (transmission mode) for gene therapy.

The patients were “infected” with a virus that had been rendered ineffective to transmit a cold, however it could still penetrate and “infect” cells carrying a sequence of genes. The genes manufactured Tumor Necrotic Factor, or T.N.F. which causes necrosis, or kills tumors; at least in theory. This treatment was used as a “last resort” for pancreatic cancer. (This is from memory, so retract your claws any current scientists!)

Sooo, I know for a fact that viruses can be altered. Have terrorists already infected our country? I don’t mean to be scaring anybody, but it is in the realm of possibility without a doubt, and it’s not like we can trust our government since they are documented liars.

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