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The “Pedro Principle”

Leslie Brown

In the world of business, there is what is known as the “Peter Principle”. The principle states,”in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to their level of incompetence”.(1)

It was formulated by Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull in their 1969 book The Peter Principle, a humorous treatise which also introduced the “salutary science of hierarchiology”, “inadvertently founded” by Peter. It holds that in a hierarchy, members are promoted so long as they work competently. Sooner or later they are promoted to a position at which they are no longer competent (their “level of incompetence”), and there they remain, being unable to earn further promotions. (1)

Hmmm, someone comes to mind…I’m just sayin’.

Well anyhow, last night I realized that liberals have come up with their own principle; it’s called the “Pedro Principle”. Here’s how it works (only in their minds of course). Let’s say Pedro wants to immigrate from South America. Statistics tell us that our nation will suffer a net loss in tax dollars through the ample social services we provide, in comparison to the taxes someone with a high-school or less education adds to the economy.(2)

This is no matter to the liberal though, because through the wonder of the “Pedro Principle” any subsidized expenses incurred by immigrants will be more than paid for by the enriching of our “cheeeldren” with both colorful and festive traditions brought to our country by Pedro and his family!

Another corollary of the “Pedro Principle” states that, like so many dead skin cells, maladies such as scabies, and lice fall from the immigrants once they cross the border. Viruses will be immediately rendered ineffective as well, due to the variance in U.V. rays from our different longitude and latitude. Furthermore, just by mere virtue of being in this country, immigrants both imbued, and surrounded by all or our technology will strive to attain math, science and technology degrees, aaaand drop all of those pesky abdominal pounds and pre-diabetic conditions once they see our healthy lifestyles!

Sooo, in the liberal mind, our country is just going to get better and better! Yay!



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