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UA Success Story: J.C. Watts

Leslie Brown

West Texans like Kevin and I, tend to “tell it like it is”, and “shoot straight”; both literally and figuratively on that one. I don’t like a lot of “verbal parsley”, as I call it, so I love me some J.C.Watts.

“…they [ Jesse Jackson, et al.] said that I had sold out and Uncle Tom. And I said well, they deserve to have that view. But I have my thoughts. And I think they’re race-hustling poverty pimps.”

~ J.C. Watts On Hannity and Colmes.(1)

J.C. Watts grew up in poverty in Eufala, Oklahoma; later attending the University of Oklahoma. He played football there as a quarterback, and later for the Canadian Football League. After leaving sports, J.C. worked as a youth minister from 1987-1994.

From 1995-2003, Watts served the state of Oklahoma as a state representative. Watts chose not to join the Congressional Black Caucus due to it’s liberal bent. (Side note: people of Judeo/Christian faith should have some moral issues with the ripping of limb-from-limb of (disproportionately minority) babies, rewarding both sloth and promiscuity, and the flipping off Israel, but I’m just sayin’.)

One of my favorite things about J.C. Watts is his writing of the book “Character Counts”, because LACK of it is what has gotten our nation in the the clus- I mean messed up situation it is in. We still have some work to do in the conservative movement with minority outreach. I must say, I think the Tea Party has been better at it than the Republicans. I have left the Republican Party because the Republican Party left me first.

Candid Watts:

Republicans don’t treat blacks any better than Democrats. The so-called “establishment” doesn’t bother with engaging blacks, particularly black Republicans, until elections roll around and candidates need some votes. And even then the GOP barely fakes its “minority outreach,” by creating “advisory councils.” That’s what former Congressman JC Watts said September 19, 2013 in rousing remarks during the Republicans for Black Empowerment Annual Gathering in Washington, DC.(2)

Watts now works as a business consultant, and is active on the boards of several corporations.



(Totally “sucking up” to the boss…)

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