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This is how we are SUPPOSED to act.

Leslie Brown

This week I posted my favorite piece ever because it perfectly summed up both where my heart is, and what our mission is here at UA. We’re gonna lose our nation if we don’t get it together, quickly folks.

My post “What Really Matters” is about how we are doing nothing more than playing in to the enemy’s hands by allowing stupid racism to distract and divide us. Really? Stupid MELANIN? Seriously?Molecules? Are not GOD and COUNTRY waaay more important?

If we love God and country we are MORE than brothers; here’s why. Blood-siblings, or family have a relationship as long as they are alive; when they die it is over. Sorry to be blunt, but it is what it is.

If you love God, following His statutes, and fight for our country, you are forging eternal relationships with your spiritual brothers and sisters and leaving indelible marks on this country.

I did not realize that Montel Williams was a Marine. Watch the video below about how things are SUPPOSED to work. A brother and a sister fighting for a kid; the kid Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmoreesi* being held in Mexico while we feed, clothe, and house HOW many from Mexico at our expense?

Williams and Andrew’s mother are functioning as a unit with a common goal, the goal of freeing Andrew. WE need to function as a unit to free this country from godlessness, corruption, and from those who would chop off our heads. Who is with me?

*The 26-year-old veteran of two tours in Afghanistan, who was being treated for PTSD related to his combat, says he accidentally crossed a California border checkpoint late March 31 and could not turn around before reaching the Mexican government checkpoint. Tahmooressi was in San Diego for treatment related to his PTSD and had all his possessions in his car, after previously moving from Florida. Despite declaring his three-registered weapons to agents at the border, Mexican authorities charged him with violating their gun laws.(1)

This picture below makes me want to puke.

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