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Sure, why not? It’s only money!

Leslie Brown

Soooo, how do you feel about the feds granting 9 million dollars for attorney fees to represent illegal immigrants? Do you feel like you had ZERO say in the matter? I do.

Let’s look back at the history of how this nation began experiencing the “birth pangs”, and anger that led to the Revolutionary war, shall we? (It’s always easier just to tell me “O.K”.)

Well, the colonists got a little T.O.’d (well, actually probably P.O.’d) that they were being taxed by the British Parliament, for which they were getting NOTHING in return ie. representation IN Parliament.(1)

Well in our case, we are getting something in return. We’re getting immigrants to feed, house, clothe, and educate, not to mention a “cornucopia” of concomitant diseases too! Yipee! Scabies, why not? Measles, what the hey? Ebola? Por que no? Or how about the “mystery” respiratory virus spreading like S.T.D.’s at a bath-house throughout the nation?

I know, I know, “It’s for the cheeeldren”. Well, the immigrants are not all children, and we have the highest unemployment rate since, oh, the CARTER administration. Call me heartless and unfeeling if you will, but I have a beautiful hispanic child (which totally gives me a pass…AMIRITE?), and only so many piglets can latch on to our SOW of a federal government before it diminishes itself to a pile of Bac-O-bits. Then who is going to secure the rest of the world that is, if there is anything left to secure after the boy-king has destroyed about everything great about our nation and world he can?

Illegal immigrant children could increase the school-age population in districts, marking a significant influx of students likely to need intense help with English and other remedial education programs. No longer just a border problem, the surge is now an issue for officials in communities throughout the country, where 126 counties or cities have at least 50 children placed.(2)

About 2,600 immigrants will gain representation with the money, which is being awarded to in two grants to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, according to a notice to be published in the Federal Register on Thursday.

I’m PAST T.O.’d, I’m PAST P.O.’d…..I’m flat-out P*SSED OFF and a P*SSED OFF red-head is not a good thing. I’m up for a peaceful military coup. Who’s with me?



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