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UA Success Story: James Golden

Leslie Brown

STOP THE PRESSES! Rush Limbaugh’s call-screener is a BLACK DUDE!!!

James Golden has worked for Rush for 26 years, and considers it the greatest professional blessing he could ever imagine!(1) How come I hadn’t heard this before? Could it be that the mainstream press wants to keep this information on the D.L.(down low)?

James Golden (known as “Bo Snerdley), juggles the responsibilities of call-screener, producer and researcher. He said that he and Rush have a similar ethic of working hard, keeping up with the news, and being patient with people.(2)

James calls himself a “worker-bee”. He laughs, and says that he was skinny and “had hair” when he first began working for Rush. I think the most important words that James spoke in the interview below, are that he believes that although the United States used to be a nation that followed the rule of law; that is no longer the case. Corruption has become the norm, which is of course the natural progression that follows lawlessness.

Of his upbringing:
Tell me about your favorite teacher and how he or she influenced your life.

Tough. My Dad first and foremost. Okay – you’re talking about school I think. School. I loved Mr. Mason (Ray Mason) my 7th grade Spanish teacher. He was “cool,” fun and showed an interest in his best students. In many ways he is my “favorite” teacher. But – I cannot forget Mr. Hyman. Richard Hyman. He was strict. He was a former US Marine. He wasn’t anybody’s “pal.” But he was a man’s man who wore a suit and white shirt and tie to school every day. And he saw something in three of his students in his 7th grade social studies class. Kevin, Kimball, and me. We had our hands up all the time for question and answer. We loved history. He singled us out. He gave us harder tests than the rest of the class. He made us write essays and graded them hard. He pushed, pushed, pushed and then pushed us more. He made me believe I was really as smart as I wanted to be and made me want to be even smarter to show him. He was right to single us out. He was the best teacher in public school I ever had. I wish every kid could have a teacher like him. I wish I could track him down if he is still living and thank him.(3)

What advice do you remember your mother or father giving you? Did you take it?

This is America. You can be anything you want to be. Yes. It was part of the “culture” back then.(3)




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