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“Miss Manners” for War?

Leslie Brown

If you ever had any lingering doubts as to whether the Left was certifiably, “get-them-a-padded-cell” nutz, this should clear it up for you.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “Rules of Engagement”, I would suggest that you watch LESS mindless tripe on television, and learn more about what is going on in our rapidly deteriorating world.

You may have heard the term, “All’s fair in love and war”; that term is no longer the case. You see, since liberals know better than everyone (including high-ranking military officers) and are “morally superior”, dontchaknow, they have instituted some rules so that war is not so “meanypants”. Consider it a “kinder, gentler” war.

For example, (and again, I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!)

The rules of engagement place the burden on U.S. air and ground troops to confirm with certainty that a Taliban fighter is armed before they can fire — even if they are 100 percent sure the target is the enemy. In some cases, aerial gunships have been denied permission to fire even though they reported that targets on the move were armed.

The proposed Bilateral Security Agreement announced Wednesday by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Secretary of State John F. Kerry all but prohibits U.S. troops from entering dwellings during combat. President Obama made the vow directly to Mr. Karzai.

“U.S. forces shall not enter Afghan homes for the purposes of military operations, except under extraordinary circumstances involving urgent risk to life and limb of U.S. nationals,” Mr. Obama pledged in a letter to the Afghan leader.(1)

Sooo, what this means is that akin to the Gaza strip where weapons have been hidden in mosques, and U.N. schools, U.S. forces have had one of their “hands tied behind their back” so to speak to “level the mine-field” in the theatre of war. Liberals have made it so that as children have a “base” when they are playing tag or “chase”, military enemies now have a “home base” too. I wonder if we have to take them juice and cookies too, for a snack? “Olly, olly all come free!”

Loss of troops is sadly unavoidable at times due to “friendly fire”, but now our troops face the prospect of being killed by following Emily Post instead of General MacArthur.

Have y’all had about enough of this insanity? Both militarily and in the spiritual realm, “distraction” is the oldest trick in the book, so keep looking away while the military is emasculated the same way two generations of men in this nation already have been.


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