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Un-Armed is Dangerous

Leslie Brown

If you’re a slight of build, single woman, and someone breaks into your home by busting though a door, what would you do?

No matter how close the police station, there are moments that are going to tick by like hours while it’s you against a stranger who you don’t know what their intentions are.

This is what happened in Los Angeles, California recently. The young lady who was dressed for bed (half nekkid as they say in Texas) had to retreat to the roof of her home to escape the intruder. Some of the neighbors reported seeing two moons that day; just kidding about that part.

This scenario is a perfect example of when having a meanypants gun would have been a welcome deterrent. Liberals are always bleating about a “level playing field” (code for Affirmative Action) but for some reason they don’t want a level playing field when it comes to allowing citizens to arm themselves, because the criminals already are.


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