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The new and improved COUNTERCULTURE!

Leslie Brown

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Pleeeease tell me the “pendulum is swinging back”! Tell me that the new youth movement is CONSERVATISM!

I’m not one of those people who went through a liberal phase, somehow it just never happened. The first president I ever voted for was Reagan! Shockingly, we haven’t had another Republican in office ever since (in my opinion).

Well, some young CONSERVATIVE “whippersnappers” had some fun taunting (I wonder if they taunted them a second time*) some environmentalist wackos who were protesting on Wall Street.

Look at these young men!  Do they look respectable or what?  Do you see any profane T-shirts, pierced body parts or the like? Are they screaming profanities and “cutting some rope” (as my husband calls it) on some police cars? Are they smashing store windows and spray-painting willy-nilly?

The students hail from King’s College, in particular the Reagan House of King’s College which happens to possess a life-size cardboard cut-out of Ronald Reagan.  Lucky.  The students took ol’ Ronnie for a walkabout knowing that a picture of Reagan to liberals is pretty much like poking a snake with a stick.

*(Monty Python thing)

young cons

big reagan on soc. med

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