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Celebrate LIFE not DEATH!

Leslie Brown

Frequently, a current happening dictates what my story will be; again, that is the case. Chris Harris posted a couple of videos this week that brought out the stark contrast that exists between Judeo/Christian values and those of Islam.

Truth can be hard to take at times. We can choose to do the moral equivalent of covering our ears and shouting “la la la”; or we can deal with the truth, however ugly it might be. The first video of which I am speaking was of Muslims surrounding a caged animal. I could not tell what kind of animal, if I had to guess I would say a lemur.

In obvious delight, they poured gasoline on the trapped animal and set it ablaze. The seared animal and it’s squeals will be forever seared in my memory. It pains me beyond measure to see an animal hurt or in pain. I’m still glad I saw the video. Just because we may not like the ugly truth that is out there, does not mean it is any less true.

Islam celebrates death: stonings, beheadings, and hangings if you are a homosexual. Christianity teaches “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Judeo/Christian values teach us that human life is a blessing and that we are created in the image of God.

The false god of Mohammed, and the false god of humanism, or liberalism give man the power to determine who lives and who dies. Call me crazy, but I think that is presumptuous to the point of rebellion and apostasy.

I want to know, where are the feminists to stand up for the beaten and truly oppressed Muslim women? I want to know, where are all of the liberals who bleat, “If it saves one child” when little girls are genitally mutilated and forced to marry old men? I want to know, where are the P.E.T.A. activists to stand up for the animals like the donkey painted with a Star of David and then stoned to death at the hands of Muslims? Where is the L.G.B.T community to stand up for the homosexuals who are hanged according to Islam?

Let’s celebrate life! We must also celebrate and defend our country or we will not be able to celebrate the first thing ever again.


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