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A College Duh-gree……

Leslie Brown

My experience with academia was not the best. Apparently, there are some classes out there that are even lamer than you can even imagine. There is a class at Rutgers called, “Politicizing Beyonce”. Really?

At the University of Texas at Dallas, I had rigorous classes. Unfortunately, my favorite professor got a huge grant and left teaching for research, which meant I would have had to attend graduate school under the arrogant arse that was then left.

Then, on my next-to-last semester there I broke my right arm on campus (wet floor) and the clinic didn’t even have the decency to drive me to the hospital! LIABILITY dontchaknow…I can’t make this up!

S.M.U. was amazing, and I loved it. They have half-price tuition for teachers and it was a wonderful experience taking 12 hours there (other than riding the Dallas rail). Then, my husband and I moved for his school, and I had to finish my Master’s at a STATE school.

I was so frickin’ bored with the lame classes I thought my brain was going to atrophy, so I begged to take a couple of graduate math classes online. Well, my ADVISOR MIS-ADVISED me so I ended taking 6 more hours than I needed. Good times. I went to the president of the university and I made the school pay me back he he!

Then, the icing on the cake was after I graduated; I didn’t even bother “walking”. My degree was mailed to me. Not too long afterwards, I was mailed ANOTHER one, told that there was a “wrong signature” on the first one, and to throw it away. Again, I can’t make this stuff up! Oy.

So, I’m not really making my “shocked face” when I hear about some of these lame-arse classes that are being taught, or am I shocked at all of the students on campus in this video who are asked to sign up for I.S.I.S. and do so, because they have no clue who “I.S.I.S” is. I would say, “just shoot me”, but someone’s likely to chop all of our heads off soon anyway…

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