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I’m offended VICARIOUSLY!!!

Leslie Brown

Are the Native Americans offended at the name Redskins? Liberals say, “No matter, let’s get offended FOR them!”

Seriously, do we not have more important issues in our country like our diaphanous borders, or the 46 million “Americans”(I use the term loosely) on food stamps, than to bellyache about the name of a football team?

Honestly! You can’t please everyone; especially middle-aged women*. Middle-aged women are the bane of servers everywhere. They want to split the check (always), dressing “on the side”, and they “tip” like’s no better as a writer, trust me.

There was a time in this country when we had mainly intact families, when men could work their entire lives for one company, and retire well. We had a President who loved God, and our country. There was a time when women focused on creating a home, not just “keeping house” and they raised their own children. There was a time in this country when a family could drive to Mexico for the day and pick up some bargains on pottery or those gi-normous paper flowers and nobody got shot and or, their head chopped off. There was a time when children answered “Yes ma’am” and “No ma’am”. There was a time when most families loaded up their car with family on their day of worship, and worshipped.

At that time in our nation, the team name “Redskins” was not a problem. Weren’t times better back then? Everybody didn’t get their pants in a bunch over every little thing like a prepubescent girl. One of my friends is beautiful Navajo from a reservation. Although she thinks the “red” part of the name is kind of weird, because she is more brown than red; other than that…”meh.”

One of the funniest sights I ever saw at a CiCi’s** Pizza. These two little brothers about 3 or 4 came in to eat that Friday night with their parents. They were each sporting red capes a-la-Superman, over their clothes, and they were adorable. It was not too long after Halloween, so I asked the mother if the boys got their capes for Halloween. She said, “No, they have had them on since March.”

I think when there is something to even possibly get offended by, libs are just dying to put on the cape of being a “hero” and protecting someone, or “saving” someone sorta like Johnson did when he saved all of those people in the War on Poverty. They just want to be “heros”.

*I AM one, so I can rip them with abandon. Why do you think I never leave the house?
**O.K., I know Cici’s is sick, but the one in Richardson was good, and I was “carb-loading” at the time.

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