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Not even the ADULT formula….

Leslie Brown

Sometimes a picture can symbolize an event; an epic event. Who could forget the Chinese students “squaring off” with a military tank in Tiananmen Square, or how about the one of President Reagan falling to the sidewalk when he was shot?*

Well, a vintage television commercial pretty much sums up the Obama Presidency. I keep thinking that the Poseur-in-chief is gonna’ come out….(not THAT way) and say, “I’m really not a President, but I play one on T.V.” In fact, ALL Obama does is play….golf, fundraisers, Martha’s Vineyard, Iftar dinners at the White House etc.

I mean seriously! We have a newbie senator from arguably the most corrupt state in the union, from the most corrupt CITY in that state, who was a “community organizer” before this, aaaaand his childhood mentor was an open Communist. What could go wrong?

Several years ago I wrote about how “The size and scope of the calamity that will befall this nation, will be proportional to the size and scope of the of the moral failings of particularly the past fifty years in this nation.” Umm, yeah.

I’m still reading my friend Nelse Wynne Jrs. book Embarrassingly Blind and I’m in the chapter on Bill Clinton. Now mind you…I was pretty much abreast (as it were),of what a skank Clinton was back then but let’s review a couple of these tawdry tidbits in light of our moral Slip ‘n Slide.

She (Lewinsky) revealed shockingly intimate details….On September 9, Starr delivered his 453-page report to the House of Representatives, citing eleven impeachable offenses committed by the president….House approval on Article 1:Perjury before the grand jury. Article 2:Perjury in the Paula Jones Case (another sexual misconduct case). Article 3:Obstruction of Justice in the Paula Jones Case Article 4: Abuse of power by making perjurious statements to the House Judiciary Committee.

~Nelse Wynne Jr.

I don’t know y’all, but I think I’m picking up on a pattern. Liberals kinda skip that whole “Thou shalt not lie” commandment and the “Thou shalt not kill” commandment. The latter of course ONLY if protesting the execution of some child-rapist-turned-murderer.

10 commandments

*Did Reagan then go all bubble-head-Hollywood-star-with-armed-bodyguards on gun laws? I think not

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