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Let’s talk the “D-word”…DEPORTATION

Leslie Brown

I think our country needs a good ETHICS cleansing. It’s OUR country, we make the da*n rules. If you are here illegally, LEAVE. If you will not abide by our legal system, LEAVE. If you are an immigrant and have committed a crime here, LEAVE. That’s right. Grab your cr%p and go.

Now, that wasn’t that hard. Someone had to say it. I think a plank of “deportation” for an independent party would be a winning strategy. Most Americans are concerned that our country is turning into both a third-world country and a place where the Boston bomber’s family sucked from our country, 100,000 dollars in taxpayer money (I feces you not), so they could blow off some legs and kill some kids and adults. Super.

The extended family of the accused Boston Marathon bombers received more than $100,000 in public assistance through a variety of government programs, the Boston Herald reported.

The taxpayer-funded support for Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev and their relatives came in the form of food stamps, Section 8 housing vouchers and stipends ending in 2012, the report said.(1)

I for one, have had enough. I am descended from a Revolutionary War soldier and this red-head is BEYOND T.O.’d…..even P.O.’d!  One can’t go round up a dozen suckling puppies from the neighborhood and attach them to your nursing dog joining her own seven puppies. Eventually you’re going to “screw the pooch”. Choose.

The U.K. has U.K.I.P. the United Kingdom Independent Party.  Australia’s “kool-aid” has already worn off, and they have gone back to sanity, I mean conservatism.  Even flippin’ France’s current socialist is in big trouble politically. Maybe we need a “United States Independent Party” who meanypants looks after our country’s best interest and follows the sexist, patriarchal, xenophobic Constitution thingie. How is this not just simple logic? Do we want to keep our country or not? We need to decide, and either defecate or get off of the “melting pot”.

Our country and world are not just an oversized dinner party where we can swirl our drinks and make small-talk with those of another culture when their religion (it’s actually a CULT by definition) commands them to chop off heads. WOULD you invite someone to your dinner party you knew hated your guts, is compelled to kill you for being Judeo/Christian, has his eyes on your twelve-year old daughter aaand the neighbor’s pygmy goat?

nation in distress

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