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Obama gets “SCHOOLED”

Leslie Brown

Kinda fun watching “the smartest man in the room”, the “Messiah”, and the man who could “slow the rise of the oceans” getting told! Oh delicious irony!

Is there anything bettah than seeing an arrogant pompous a** get knocked on the same? I know, I know, Obama’s a “Constitutional scholar” dontchaknow….religion isn’t particularly his “domain,” but since he went to a Muslim school in Indonesia, you might think he would be “hip” to some of the truths spoken by this former Muslim, and scholar in religion.

Brother Rashid (he won’t give his full name because “religion of peace” ‘ya know) has spent 20 years studying Islam, holds a bachelor’s in religious studies and is pursuing a Master’s in Terrorism Studies. He says what I’ve been saying all along; there are no differences between Boko Haram, ISIS, ISIL , Al Qaeda etc. They are all of the religion Islam. Of course liberals, like some slimy pony-tailed defense lawyers try to tell us that there are.

*NEWSFLASH*!!! All approximately 10,000 members of ISIL are Muslim. Book 88 verse 5 of the Quran says to kill those who leave Islam. Quran 8:67 in essence says “take no prisoners”. Hmmm, the U.S. Marines say the same thing, I’m just sayin’.

Neglecting to pray five times a day and “not repenting” is cause for getting your head chopped off, but hey, “religion of peace”! Members of this “religion of peace” are called to dress in a different way, wear their beards in a certain way, and wear their watch on their right wrist.

BTW, if you need to distinguish between a non-Muslim and a Muslim…..extend them your LEFT hand for a nice friendly handshake, or maybe a “high five”! If they recoil in horror, they are a Muzzie. Why? Well you see, in their culture, they do the whole “front to back wiping thing” with their left hand, soooo it’s DEFILED dontchaknow. (It’s called HAND-WASHING…check IN to it!)

I would strongly suggest you watch this video, it is worth your time and then you will know more than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (like that’s a difficult thing) not to mention MOST of the United States!

Geez, I thought I was DONE with teaching….guess not…sigh.

Hmm, public shaming…..

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