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Lloyd Marcus: Unchained

Leslie Brown

Truth and forthrightness are such a rare commodity today that if one could buy them, they would be very expensive indeed. Patriot Lloyd Marcus is “loaded” with both.

George W.Bush talked several years ago about the “soft racism” of lowered expectations. In other words, we should hold everyone to the same high standards, and to not do so implies we think some groups are not able to achieve those standards. If different standards aren’t racism, I don’t know what the heck is.

Some words of wisdom from Lloyd Marcus from the September 5th, edition of American Thinker:

We see snooty, arrogant, superior intellectual-sounding white liberal pundits and hosts all over TV touting their absurd narrative that blacks have a right to be angry in racist America and must be coddled. These liberal celebs followed certain steps and behaviors to achieve success. And yet, they claim that expecting blacks to follow the same road map to success is racist. Blacks should be repulsed by this liberal narrative, which implies that we are inferior. I want to scream, “How dare you lower the bar for me? I be as smart as any white person!” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

At every turn, liberals send the message that blacks are lesser Americans. Liberals say it is hateful for conservatives/Republicans to expect blacks to speak English correctly, show an ID to vote, refrain from murdering each other, and stop dropping out of school. White liberals say asking blacks to refrain from having babies out of wedlock is culturally insensitive and imposes morality on them. Libs ignore the truth that fatherless households contribute to gang membership, black-on-black violence, and poverty. Do you see the pattern? White liberals insinuate that urban blacks are poor uncouth savages. Therefore, a 6’4” 290-pound black thug should be given a pass for robbing a convenience store, assaulting the clerk, and attacking a police officer while on his way to Grandma’s house.

~Lloyd Marcus

See why I love me some Lloyd Marcus? For years I have followed Kevin Jackson of on Facebook because he too, has that rare gift of common sense and “tells it like it is.” Telling it “like it is” is a West Texas “thang”. I follow more black conservatives on Twitter than I do whites, because for the most part, the whites are a bunch of pansy-arsed wooses. The black conservatives have been “tried by fire” at the hands of their very own people.

Loving God and country: IMPORTANT. Amount of melanin in one’s skin: not so much. Thank you for fighting for all of us and our nation Mr. Marcus.

And now, a video of our illustrious Vice President and Mensa member, Joe Biden.

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