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What Happens With No Consequences?

Leslie Brown

We have all seen these inane parents who try to reason with their unruly child having a snot-and-slobber-flying-fit in public. Good luck with that. One shouldn’t reason with toddlers OR terrorists; instead, deliver prompt consequences

As I have said, liberals don’t think long-term, just whatever makes them feel morally superior at the moment. Jimmy Carter had one his moments of feeling “morally superior” when he pardoned the draft dodgers of the Vietnam War. In other words, the stigma of being a felon followed them no more, which meant they could now run for public office.

Take a wild stab in the dark as to WHO this later provided the eligibility to run for President of the United States? None other than William Jefferson Clinton.

It just came out this week that Clinton could have taken Osama bin Laden out on September 10th 2001, but he chose not to because instead he chose to spare “300 innocent women and children” in Kandahar rather than nearly 3,000 Americans.

Let that soak in a minute people; this is HUGE. We have two touchy-feely-puss-liberals who think they know what is best for all of us. You see, consequences matter and there is a reason that thirty some years ago that Iran released 444 hostages (alive) on the very day Reagan was inaugurated. Iran knew that Reagan would dole out consequences.

In summation, liberalism is destroying this country by undermining our credibility, morally (think “It depends what the meaning of is is.”), and I believe that far greater consequences lay right at our back door ie. the southern border.

It’s coming people, and why? Because it was easier for us to look the other way, it was easier for us to “give the toddler a piece of candy to placate them” than to “man up” and do our job.

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