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Ain’t No GRAY

Leslie Brown

The very FIRST sin in the Bible was prompted, not caused however, by a serpent who said, “Did God really say?” in essence.

Umm, yeah HE DID.  Particularly since the 60’s, liberals have been trying to “muddy” the waters between right and wrong, whilst making an issue of the SKIN color BLACK and WHITE being an issue rather than TRUTH being black or white.  Hellooooo, both in the military and spiritually, the oldest trick is that of distraction or diversion.

Just look at what has happened in the past few years as we have catered to the same ilk that TOOK DOWN OUR WORLD TRADE CENTERS AND DEVASTATED THE PENTAGON! My folks live in the D.C. area, so I saw the Pentagon first-hand and the damage that occurred. One of my daddy’s friends was actually on the plane that flew in to it.

WTH people? Are y’all finally waking up from your Kool-Aid induced slumbers? Finally the media is waking up to the fact that err, uh OOPS that 11 commercial airlines are MISSING in the world. This what Chris Harris posted on our Facebook last evening,

Why has this not been made NATIONAL NEWS?!?!?
Since I have two synapses to rub together, these were my comments on the matter on my piece dated July 18th:

I was on the internet today, surfing relevant news sites hoping that maybe, just maybe, someone besides me has made that horrifying connection. What connection? That of the outrageous RISK associated with our diaphanous-fabric-of-a-border, AAAANNNNDDD the surface to air missiles used in the downing of the most recent Malaysian jet tragedy.

Y’all we speak nothing but TRUTH here, although Chris is MUCH more polished than I am! I just write like I talk, and I live in a dirty little country town. A COUNTRY HOUSEWIFE should not be having to elucidate people to the stuff I do!  It’s crazy all of this “parsing” of words, and again “muddying the waters” of these groups such as Boko Haram (not terrorist according to Hillary), I.S.I.S., I.S.I.L., Al Qaeda, Hamas (humanitarian according to Pelosi) and the 17th February Martyr’s Brigade (who “guarded” Benghazi).

*NEWSFLASH* THEY ALL WANT TO KILL US AND WILL HAPPILY GIVE THEIR LIVES TO DO SO. It’s like the world is coming down to the black and white truth of good and evil while the liberals would prefer we stay distracted with mindless, insipid, tripe like “P.C” (Preparing for Caliphate), Multiculturism, Tolerance, Diversity and the like.

The owner of this site, Kevin Jackson gives Chris and I a lot of latitude on this site and we are both military brats and we both thoroughly believe in the the inerrant Word of GOD. Heads up people, cause it’s coming.

(Note: the same “tolerant” liberals who have allowed all of this cr*p are quick to call Phil Robertson a “Bible-thumpin’ hick”, when he’s the only one telling the truth!)

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