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Mega Whoopin’

Leslie Brown

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m about to puke about all of the lack of accountability in the Administration, and like ummm, EVERYWHERE.

Geez, we need some more frickin’ Good Samaritans of ETHICS like Judicial Watch because most of society is like “Meh, whatevs.” Well, I believe what MLK Jr. said below. This has been my Twitter meme for years (which also has the side bonus of quelling SOME accusations of “raaaccciiist” too… he he!)

Martin Luther King Jr. Twitter meme
I believe William Jefferson Clinton had better get things right with his Maker because the man LIED to our COLLECTIVE faces as a nation AND intimated (now there’s some irony) to all of our youth at the time that oral sex was NOT sexual relations. WTH kind of world do we live in when news of our President of the United States of America would be ANYWHERE in the SAME PARAGRAPH with a “semen stain”! Sorry y’all, it is what it is, “depending on what the meaning of IS is” of course. Duh.

Yep, lying is pretty much a lifestyle these days, and believe you me in my younger days I was no better. In fact NONE of us is better than another because we are ALL sinners. Christianity is not to be looked at like a “get-out-of-hell-free-card” though. Being “in church” doesn’t make you any more a Christian than wearing a tan suit is a good idea.

Let me give you an analogy (like you have any choice in the matter): THE METRIC SYSTEM! Hang with me for a sec cause it’s really interesting:

Once upon a time, the “foot” used for measurement was based on the length of the king’s foot. Well…what happens when that king croaks off? Is the next king gonna have the EXACT same sized foot? I think not. My point being that an immutable STANDARD needed to be arrived upon. It pains me to say this, but it was a Frenchman who thought of an awesome solution.

In a nutshell, the distance from the North Pole to the equator was divided by 10,000,000. That distance is our “meter”. A “box” that is ten cubic centimeters is a “liter”. The WEIGHT of said box filled with water is one KILOGRAM. How cool is that? It’s all tied together and these units of measurement are actually stored in a safe somewhere (actually probably lots of places).

Well, the Bible gives us a standard of measurement. The Mark Driscoll mega-church debacle got me to thinking about the accountability (or lack thereof), of these mega churches whose power begins to corrupt them to the point of, “You’re not the boss of me.”

Just as malls or even high-school football teams can be categorized by size, churches could be too. If there is suspected impropriety in one, then ONE of the churches can be drawn by lot to be the coordinator of the documentation, and carefully redact it of identifiers. The other churches can then come to an unbiased decision, this is if the errant church doesn’t respond to the one-on-one correction of the ONE church first. EVERYBODY needs accountability. Most just choose not to seek it.

Y’all this just never gets old!

what has happened to us!

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