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Not METHodist, but METH LAB Church!

Leslie Brown

Oh my goodness! Where to begin with this, where to begin… Meth is some scary stuff. My husband has tried to help TWO different people stay off of meth by mentoring them and employing them.

Let’s just say it was a double FAIL. We even let one of them rent the travel trailer my husband lived in when he attended school, on our property! Meth takes control of a person and is then reluctant to let them go; like “don’t EVEN”.

Just think of it like Bill Clinton trying to give up womanizing, or something.  Meth makes people do some pretty stupid things. Not that I don’t do LOTS of stupid things all ON MY OWN!

Two ladies were recently apprehended at a “very” rural church in Montgomery County, Illinois. No one was known to have any business at the church at the time, so a vehicle parked there was a wee bit suspicious.

Undersheriff Rick Robbins said that a member of the Waveland Church on Waveland Road, which is south of Hillsboro, noticed activity at the church about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. The church member knew that no one was supposed to be on the property, so he stopped to investigate.

He found one woman outside the church and another in the basement with what appeared to be components of a meth lab. The two women then left the church in a vehicle, and the man called police.
As deputies were on their way to the church, they spotted the vehicle the caller had described and stopped it. The two women inside, identified as Hemken and Burton, matched the description the caller had given to police dispatchers.

Deputies and members of the South Central Illinois Drug Task Force searched the church and reportedly found a clandestine meth lab inside the building. While they were dismantling the lab, a fire started that was quickly extinguished by the officers.

I’ll bet when y’all see a picture of the women, the phrase “Bible study” won’t be the first thing to pop into your heads. FYI, the foil containers they had in their possession did NOT contain “chicken spaghetti”.


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