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Burger King has it THEIR way……Canada

Leslie Brown

OK y’all put on your “thinking caps”! Time for a mini-Economics 101 lesson! SUBSIDIZE what one wants MORE of and TAX what one wants LESS of. Pretty simple huh? Not to our government.

My husband and I have been boycotting Burger King since around 2010 when they had a television commercial that spouted the following profundity: “Booty is booty”. I can’t make this cr*p up. Seriously? WTH is the word “booty” doing in a COMMERCIAL of any shape, form or fashion? Maybe it’s a touchy subject because I am genetically MISSING a “booty” but that is beside the point.

Burger King is having it “their way” alright, by pretty much telling the United States to p*ss off and KEEP their high taxes! Can’t say that I blame them. If Whataburger were doing the same, my pants would be in a big huge bunch, but Burger King…..good riddance.

It IS however a sobering (what’s NOT sobering these days?) reminder of one of the MANY, MANY, reasons our country is pretty much circling the bottom of a toilet bowl, on the precipice of retreating to the nether regions of the sewer.

The Burger King deal tests the long-held assumption of anti-inversion activists that the American public and politicians wouldn’t stand for a name-brand, consumer-facing company moving its headquarters across the U.S. border to pay a lower tax rate.

A White House official, who requested anonymity to discuss policy still being formulated, said the administration won’t comment on specific deals and remains committed to its proposal for a revamp of the tax code and a crackdown on inversions.

(1)(FYI: “inversions” is a clandestine term for “Telling the U.S. to kiss your arse, and taking your business to a friendlier business climate”. In other words: GOOD BUSINESS SENSE, of which our government has, ummm, NONE)

Geez, I love what Ann Coulter said, “But, let’s just think for a thought experiment for a moment: If Obama were born in another country, had no love for this country and had set out to destroy America — what would he be doing differently?

In the words of an Obama classmate (who NEVER saw him FYI):

President Obama and I were college classmates at Columbia University, class of ’83. I know all too well how mindlessly leftist the students and faculty of that institution can be, and Barack Obama is certainly no exception. My time at Columbia made it crystal clear: leftists always believe they are morally superior. While they publicly state that their mission is to save the world from prejudice, patriotism, racism, greed, and inequality, they are, in fact, hostile and resentful towards anyone who has achieved self-made success through American values. It is in this cesspool of intolerance that Obama and his Marxist cronies hatched their plan to destroy our country.

There are two things you need to know about Obama at Columbia University. First, he was Pre -law and a Political Science major- just like me. I thought I knew everyone studying Political Science during my four years at Columbia. Not Obama. I never met him, never saw him, never even heard of him. Strange.


Good for Burger King being business smart! Don’t think my husband and I didn’t seriously consider moving OUT of our former country after the 2012 election. We checked out Australia, and New Zealand. We both have clean records and degrees. Guess what? We didn’t meet the requirements. I kid you not.





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